At Country Lane Antiques we offer one-of-a-kind, authentic antiques that have been carefully refinished, restored and sometimes repurposed by our in-house craftsmen.

Each unique piece we craft tells it’s own story, connecting shoppers to days gone by.

We have been hand-selecting and hand-refinishing primitive and farmer-made antiques from across Canada for more than twenty-five years.  In our workshop generations of craftsmen redeem many pieces thought to have outlived their usefulness.

Most items are one-of-a-kind and were handmade on  homesteads by early pioneers.  These early home furnishings were often made of the materials that the farmers and resourceful villagers had available to them, such as packing crates and old floorboards.  These unassuming items were  repurposed to suit the family’s needs – the earliest form of recycling!

If you have a specific request, we can often source exactly what you are looking for. In fact, we may be working on the exact thing you are looking for.

Come visit our spacious and bright 2000 square foot showroom in the heart of Fort Langley.