Industrial Age Lamp


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Product Description

Canadian Pacific Railway Lamp

This lamp is handcrafted with great care from various repurposed vintage and new industrial parts along with other gadgets and gizmos!

Lamp Features:

Authentic Kerosene CPR Railway switch signal lantern (converted to use an electric light). During the days of steam locomotives and early diesel, the noise and distance involved with train operations ruled out speaking or yelling, especially since common radio devices weren’t yet available. The most effective means of nighttime communications was the kerosene railroad lantern.

Antique Westinghouse Vacuum Pressure Gauge. These types of gauges, first patented in July 1889, were used on locomotive braking systems first introduced in the mid  1860’s. This particular gauge was used on a locomotive for over 40 years.

Vintage Crane Brass Steam Whistle (converted as the light switch) Railway locomotives, traction engines, and steam ships were traditionally being fitted with a whistle for warning and communication purposes. Steam warning devices have been used on trains since 1833.

The base is an actual wheel from a Railroad Hand Car. Handcars came onto the railroad scene in the 1860’s. Built by individual railroads in their shops, they were mainly used for the transport of tools and maintenance crews.

The lamp shade is similar to lamps seen in mid century Railway Stations.

The railroad crossing sign, although a replica, gives an added detail to this unique one of a kind lamp!